Review: Killer Instinct

A launch day treat for the console generation that is going to mature free-to-play experiences for an eager audience, Killer Instinct graces the Xbox One as a reboot of the classic beat-‘em-up franchise. Formerly a Nintendo exclusive, the purchase of Rare by Microsoft Studios many years ago included Killer Instinct – and many other classic Rare franchises – as part of the acquisition. Long dormant, it’s actually Double Helix that has brought back Killer Instinct for a modern age, and they’ve done a fairly good job of it. Continue reading “Review: Killer Instinct” »

Review: Ryse: Son of Rome

The Xbox One’s launch line-up doesn’t present any titles which we would expect to redefine their host genres, but there are a number which work to set a new standard for visual fidelity. Ryse: Son of Rome is one such title, ably discarding all that was seen as progressive on the Xbox 360 and replacing it with the kind of quality once thought near-impossible for home videogame systems. Ryse: Son of Rome doesn’t push the envelope of gameplay design quite as far, but then, we can’t have everything. Continue reading “Review: Ryse: Son of Rome” »

Review: Dead Rising 3

It’s taken a long time for the Dead Rising series to mature, a whole console generation in fact. For many however, maturity is not what was needed, nor wanted. While Dead Rising 3 retains the silly hats and comedy weapons that the series has become famous for, it’s no longer a tongue-in-cheek pastiche at the horror genre. You are Nick, a handyman who is fighting for survival against the odds in a town that is plagued with the undead, and you have neither the charm nor wit or Frank or Chuck. Continue reading “Review: Dead Rising 3” »

Review: Soul Calibur II HD Online

Namco Bandai Games has a surprisingly deep archive from which to draw retro titles for modernisation and yet have been reluctant to up to now. It seems odd then that the publisher should begin with Soul Calibur II, a videogame which has since seen numerous sequels and spin-offs both significantly better and notably worse than this classic release. But it’s that exact statement that has obviously convinced Namco Bandai Games that the gaming public want to see more of Soul Calibur II: it’s considered a ‘classic’ by most. Continue reading “Review: Soul Calibur II HD Online” »

Review: Alien Rage

Having made its debut on PC earlier this month many will already know what to expect from CI Games’ Alien Rage. This is a no-holds-barred action affair, a throwback to a time when QUAKE II was the leading light of the first-person genre, when gibbs were more important than an accurate portrayal of real-world war. If you like to see giant blue orbs go bang instead of overcooking your grenades in the hope of taking down a few troops hiding behind a bullet-hole riddled stone wall, Alien Rage is most certainly the videogame for you. Continue reading “Review: Alien Rage” »

Review: Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death

On the surface Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death could easily look like a Tomb Raider rip-off. It’s ‘lost world’ setting and platform/puzzle arrangement may look familiar to that which videogaming’s most famous heroine has endured many times over, but in reality the adventure plays more similarly to that fierce combat of Kratos’ battles. This is an action videogame through-and-through, with your only respite being the occasional logic puzzle. Continue reading “Review: Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death” »

Review: Grand Theft Auto V

The most highly anticipated release of the year is upon us, and with it comes great expectation. Grand Theft Auto V is a huge title, setting sales records worldwide, and fans will have their own desires and basic requirements for what would be considered a worthwhile investment. Grand Theft Auto IV was considered too dry for many and some thought Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ workout routines felt too much like work. Thankfully Grand Theft Auto V resides somewhere between the two. Continue reading “Review: Grand Theft Auto V” »

Free Xbox LIVE Weekend Announced

Microsoft Studios has announced that the next ‘Gold Unlocked Free Live Weekend’ will take place from 12.00pm midday BST on Friday, 3rd May 2013, until 23:59 BST on Sunday, 5th May. Xbox 360 gamers will be able to enjoy multiplayer gaming with Gears of War: Judgment, FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Spring Classic, Halo 4 and many more for free. Continue reading “Free Xbox LIVE Weekend Announced” »

Gravity Guy 2 Launches on Windows Phone 8

The sequel to the hugely popular Gravity Guy has launched on Windows Phone this week, available now exclusively for Windows Phone 8 handsets. Our hero now finds himself on top of towers running for his life, jumping from one platform to another, while avoiding many hazards placed across his path. Continue reading “Gravity Guy 2 Launches on Windows Phone 8” »