Xbox LIVE Avatars Get Violent

It’s no secret that Microsoft Studios has placed firm restrictions on what can be down with their Xbox LIVE Avatars since launch. While developers have been encouraged to incorporate them into their videogames, playable as racing drivers in F1 Race Stars and playing based in Kinect Sports for example, there’s been strict rules about them performing or incurring violent acts. These rules will be broken this week however, with the upcoming launch of Zombies!!!. Continue reading “Xbox LIVE Avatars Get Violent” »

Shuffle Party Arrives on Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Studios has added the free mobile title Shuffle Party to the Windows Phone 8 Xbox catalogue. While this is billed as a ‘re-launch’ there appears to be no difference between the original release and this new edition, compatible with both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 handsets. Continue reading “Shuffle Party Arrives on Windows Phone 8” »