Review: Grand Theft Auto V

The most highly anticipated release of the year is upon us, and with it comes great expectation. Grand Theft Auto V is a huge title, setting sales records worldwide, and fans will have their own desires and basic requirements for what would be considered a worthwhile investment. Grand Theft Auto IV was considered too dry for many and some thought Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ workout routines felt too much like work. Thankfully Grand Theft Auto V resides somewhere between the two. Continue reading “Review: Grand Theft Auto V” »

BioShock Infinite Sponsors ‘Gold Unlocked’ Weekend

Microsoft Studios has revealed that this weekend will offer all Xbox gamers the opportunity to access all Xbox LIVE Gold features for free, whether they play on Xbox 360, PC or Windows Phone. Sponsored by BioShock Infinite, the weekend brings a host of other events inline with the ‘Gold Unlocked’ promotion, including double XP campaigns and developer challenges on many popular videogame titles. Continue reading “BioShock Infinite Sponsors ‘Gold Unlocked’ Weekend” »