The Dark Knight Rises makes Windows Phone 8 Debut

Following the release of The Amazing Spider-Man last week, Gameloft are further pursuing the film going audience with the launch of The Dark Knight Rises. A little late in the day perhaps, but still a welcome addition to the Windows Phone 8’s Xbox LIVE enabled software catalogue.

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After being gone for eight years, Bruce Wayne gets back into action as Batman. Waiting for him are the mysterious Selina Kyle, and Bane, a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batman’s legacy piece by piece. In The Dark Knight Rises, players will meet all of Batman’s allies as you attempt to protect Gotham City from Bane.


Available to download now, The Dark Knight Rises is priced at £5.49 GBP on Windows Phone 8. Metro Gaming will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox branded titles made available on Windows Phone handsets.