Dream Track Nation & Tiny Plane Launch on Windows Phone

Nokia and Chillingo have once again partnered to bring two new Xbox branded titles exclusively to Lumia handsets. Available to download now, both Dream Track Nation and Tiny Plane are compatible with all Nokia Lumia handsets on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

Electronic Theatre ImageDream Track Nation allows players to let their imagination run wild as they race to the finish in some of the craziest, most colourful and downright silly racetracks you’ve ever seen. Collect stars, use power-ups and jump huge gaps in this unique take on arcade racing, and then build your own tracks and take on friends online.

Tiny Plane casts the players as a high-flying hound as they fly as far as they can in this infinite high-score videogame. Collect power ups and dodge dangers as you stay on the tail of your feline foe, and keep an eye on your six as you fly; look out for homing missiles that will zoom in from behind, all the while being careful to dodge the mines in front.

Both Tiny Plane and Dream Track Nation are available to download now for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia handsets, priced at £2.29 GBP each. Metro Gaming will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox branded titles launching on Windows Phone.