NBA Jam Slam Dunks on to Windows Phone

NBA Jam was a 16-bit classic, a hero of the genre that many still idolise today. And now they can do just that on Windows Phone as Electronic Arts and Nokia have brought the mobile edition to Nokia Lumia handsets.

 Electronic Theatre Image

NBA Jam offers the same over-the-top, high-flying, 2-on-2 arcade basketball just like you remember it. If you’re from the ‘old school,’ you’ll feel the ‘90s nostalgia while you play the hottest arcade sports videogame on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Featuring the voice of Tim Kitzrow (the original NBA Jam play-by-play announcer), you’ll hear all the classic catchphrases plus a few new ones.


NBA Jam is available to download for most Nokia Lumia handsets – both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7 – now, priced at £2.29 GBP. Metro Gaming will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox branded tiles launching on Windows Phone.