Microsoft Bring Xbox LIVE Games to the Browser

Capitalising on the growing trend for browser based gaming Microsoft Studios has today launched their first Xbox LIVE title playable without any additional software. Using the commonly experimental Wordament – the first title to bring Xbox LIVE to iOS – Microsoft Studios has enhanced their ‘web games’ offering with online leaderboards, Achievements and Friends Lists.

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The browser based version of Wordament follows the traditions established by the Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions; progress is stored across all versions, while Achievements are independent. This means that anyone who has already played a handful of matches is likely to unlock an Achievement or two when first playing the browser version. All ‘Frenemies’ also make their way across, and is the case with all versions, Wordament can be played cross-platform, so players on Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS and browser can all play against one another with no restrictions.


Wordament offers ten Achievements with a total of 50 Gamerscore, and is currently available in twelve languages. The browser edition of Wordament is suggested to be a beta version at present, though Metro Gaming could not find any functionality missing when compared to any other version of the videogame. Wordament is available to play in your browser at, and Metro Gaming will keep you updated with future additions to the Microsoft Studios Web Games service.