How to Get Games for Windows LIVE Working on Windows 8

Since adopting Microsoft’s latest operating system (OS) as their primary PC entertainment source many gamers have found it difficult, or even impossible, to run their Games for Windows LIVE titles. However, a solution isn’t too far away as Metro Gaming brings you the full lowdown on the solution.

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The problems gamers are faced with when attempting to play Games for Windows LIVE gamers on Windows 8 seems to stem from a conflict between the signed-in MSN account for the OS and the call for Xbox LIVE to verify the account in videogame software. This has been noted by the fact that the Games for Windows LIVE client appears to work without issue, but the videogames themselves often crash or enter an eternal loop when attempting to establish a connection to Xbox LIVE. The ‘dashboard’ guide often refuses to load, preventing gamers from signing in and thus from playing their videogame.


The solution is reasonably simple, though the fact that Microsoft has chosen not to automate it does seem a little peculiar. Just follow the simple seven steps below and you’ll be back on Games for Windows LIVE via Windows 8 in no time. Though guide has been created with the assistance of Microsoft’s support services, if you choose to follow the advice given below you do so at your own risk.


Getting Games for Windows LIVE to Run on Windows 8:


1)      Remove all editions of Games for Windows LIVE from your system. Metro Gaminghas not suffered any adverse effects leaving Games for Windows LIVE videogame titles installed, but it’s probably best to do so just in case.


2)      Download Microsoft’s Games for Windows LIVE installation software from an official source, such as


3)      Install the Games for Windows LIVE client.


4)      Right click on the Games for Windows LIVE client executable file (default installation for Windows 8 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games for Windows – LIVE\Client) and select ‘Run as administrator.’


5)      The Games for Windows LIVE client will inform you that an update is required. Install this update and following the procedure suggested.


6)      Launch the Games for Windows LIVE client as normal, allow the ‘Downloads’ area to update with your owned titles and their current status before closing the program.


7)      Install and load the Games for Windows LIVE videogame software as normal.