Royal Envoy 2 Special Edition Launches on Windows 8

A brand new adventure has arrived on Windows 8 PCs today, thanks to the official release of the Xbox branded Royal Envoy 2 Special Edition. A small scale city management videogame, Royal Envoy 2 Special Edition is published by Playrix Entertainment and available to download now.

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In Royal Envoy 2 Special Edition, the King turns once more to you, as his trusted city planner, to travel to the faraway land of Middleshire which has been devastated due to the poor management and negligence of its rulers. Here you will be greeted by a host of zany characters as you explore ancient caves and forgotten mines, meet mystical nymphs and leprechauns, engage in snowball fights in the frigid arctic, and rescue the people of Middleshire from the fires of a terrible volcano. With you as their guide, the people will build a veritable paradise – while you win prizes for your speed and quick wit.

Featuring Xbox branding, Royal Envoy 2 Special Edition offering Xbox LIVE Achievements and other unique features for Xbox gamers. Royal Envoy 2 Special Edition is available to download now priced at £2.79 GBP and Metro Gaming will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox releases on Windows 8.