Crash Course Go Arrives on Windows 8

Crash Course Go is the Windows 8 version of the highly successful videogame that launched on Xbox LIVE Arcade back in 2010, Doritos Crash Course. In a game show game like no other, players must run, jump and swing their Xbox LIVE Avatar through a physics-based world and complete the courses as quickly as possible.

 Electronic Theatre Image

The videogame takes place in an over-the-top TV game show with bright colours, studio lights, explosions, audience cheers and heckles. Taking part in a series of trials, each is filled with over-the-top obstacles you must overcome to achieve the fastest time and compare it to your friends on leaderboards.


Crash Course Go is available for Windows 8 now priced at £0.99 GBP. Metro Gaming will keep you updated with all the latest Xbox branded titles coming to Windows 8 devices.